Andy Goldsworthy

Artist, Andy Goldsworthy, creates environmental art sculptures from objects he finds in nature, like leaves, rocks, and snow.  The textures, colors, and shapes of his objects are important for his sculptures. Can you determine which natural materials he used for these sculptures? (Studio Habit of Mind- Stretch and Explore)

Andy Goldsworthy creates his environmental art and then leaves it outside.  What do you think happens when he leaves it outside? Why do you think he does that?

Does Andy always succeed with his sculptures? What do you think he does when things don’t go the way he planned? (Studio Habit of Mind- Engage and Persist, Reflect)

Here are some student-created environmental sculptures.

TAB- Update: First Two Weeks

Life is good in the art room! Students are learning about our new centers and we’ve opened up three out of eight so far: drawing, inspiration, and collage. We’ll be opening up a new one each week.

*New this year:  Each student has a portfolio to keep his/her artwork in. Students will choose which artworks will be displayed at school and which artworks to bring home.



3rd gr.- Assemblage Sculptures

Abstract art lets artists use their imagination and create unrealistic art. Abstract art can even be a sculpture. Artist, Louise Nevelson, created abstract sculptures from pieces of wood that she found. She assembled the wood into sculptures. This type of sculpture is called an assemblage.

We will make abstract wooden assemblages inspired by Louise Nevelson. Goals:

  1. My assemblage can stand on its own.
  2. My assemblage uses many different shapes.
  3. My assemblage includes at least one object that I found.
  4. My assemblage is all painted.
  5. I can talk about what my assemblage could mean.

Bernard Williams is also an assemblage sculptor. How do his sculptures look different from Louise Nevelson’s?

2017- Art to Remember Ordering


Students have worked so hard and just completed their Art to Remember artworks. They are impressive!

Important dates:

  • Friday, March 24– Order forms sent home
  • Friday, March 31 (before Spring Break)– Online/phone orders due

Please make sure your Art to Remember order form has your student’s name and artwork on it. Each form is personalized, so it is very important that you have your student’s order form. *If you have another student’s order form, please return it to me (Ms. Baird) and I will get you a new one. 

This year, Southside is using online or phone orders only. Directions on how to order are on the back of your order form. Please do not send completed orders, checks, or money to school.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Thank you!

Upcoming Art Project: Art to Remember 2017

Southside Parents & Families,

This March, all grades (preK-5) will create artworks for the Art to Remember fundraiser.  Art to Remember provides families with an easy way to have their students’ artwork turned into some pretty cool items, such as iPhone covers.  If you love your students’ artworks and want to take them with you everywhere, you are in luck, that is exactly what Art to Remember helps you do!


Our grade level themes are shown below. Ordering information will be posted on Ms. Baird’s website and sent home. For more information, please visit the Art to Remember website . Click here for a full listing of products. 


3rd grade- Van Gogh Self-Portraits

Part 2: Subject Matter- Portraits

The 3rd grade will continue their unit on the three types of subject matter.  We’ve learned that landscapes show nature, so now we’re learning that portraits show people. Which type of subject matter do you think is the most challenging, landscapes or portraits?  Why?

The 3rd grade is learning about Vincent Van Gogh and his artwork.  We learned that he painted using big brushstrokes that look like they are moving.  He put paint onto his canvas so thickly that it has texture.  This technique is called impasto.  We are learning that his artworks are full of emotion, especially his self-portraits.  Self-portraits are artworks artists make of themselves.  We are creating textured, self-portraits based on Van Gogh’s self-portraits.  We will use color to reflect our moods, just like Van Gogh.

Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait: Art Discussion

Art with Mati and Dada- Van Gogh episode

IF you REALLY like Van Gogh, there’s an interactive Starry Night App.  It’s mesmerizing!


3rd gr. Matisse Collages

We’re going to learn about Henri Matisse, a famous French artist. Henri is known for his brightly colored paintings and collages. At the time, people thought his paintings were too bright, so they said he painted like a wild beast. Fauve means wild beast in French, so his style of painting is called Fauvism.

As Henri became older, he was ill and had a difficult time seeing his paintings. Instead of giving up, he started cutting out his “paintings” from paper. He used many organic and geometric shapes. He arranged his shapes in many ways until he had a interesting composition.


The Sorrows of the King shows musicians and a dancer, although it is called “Sorrows.” This artwork shows what makes the king happy. Art that shows feelings is called expressive. Think about what makes you happy. How will you show that in a collage?

Make a collage at NGA Kids:

K-5 Collaborative “Team” project

Have you ever been part of a team? A family is a type of small team, while a company is a large team. You can be on a sports team, an academic team, or a team just for a board game.

This year, your class is your team. Your class will work and play together all year. You’ll create a pennant to represent what you bring to your class team.

What are you good at doing? Are you hard-working, smart, strong, opinionated? Are you patient, thoughtful, a good listener? Are you good at reading, working together, drawing? What skills do you have that could help your team?

How would you show those skills on your pennant?

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.41.04 AM

Artist: Katsushika Hokusai

The Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai, created a series of prints showing 36 Views of Mount Fuji. Hokusai’s artwork shows us about life in Japan and what was valued during his lifetime. How does your artwork show about your community and what’s important to you?

Let’s learn about the artist.

What stories is Hokusai telling us about life in Japan?

2016 All-State Art Show

Great news! Southside has five 4th grade students whose artwork will be shown at the 2016 All-State Elementary & Middle School Art Show. Artworks will be on display from May 9-27 in Nicholasville. Come check out all the talented artists from across Kentucky. More information below: