3rd gr. Matisse Collages

We’re going to learn about Henri Matisse, a famous French artist. Henri is known for his brightly colored paintings and collages. At the time, people thought his paintings were too bright, so they said he painted like a wild beast. Fauve means wild beast in French, so his style of painting is called Fauvism.

As Henri became older, he was ill and had a difficult time seeing his paintings. Instead of giving up, he started cutting out his “paintings” from paper. He used many organic and geometric shapes. He arranged his shapes in many ways until he had a interesting composition.


The Sorrows of the King shows musicians and a dancer, although it is called “Sorrows.” This artwork shows what makes the king happy. Art that shows feelings is called expressive. Think about what makes you happy. How will you show that in a collage?

Make a collage at NGA Kids:  http://www.nga.gov/kids/zone/collagemachine.htm