Studio Habits of Mind

We are incorporating the Studio Habits of Mind (SHOM) into our art studio this year. These are 8 common traits that creative people exhibit. Practicing these creative habits help us become better artists and creative thinkers.

8 Studio Habits of Mind

How do artists think? 

1. Develop Craft: I can learn to use tools and materials and the practices of an art form.

2. Engage and Persist: I can learn to embrace problems of importance and develop focus within my work.

3. Envision: I can learn to mentally picture the next steps in my work.

4. Express: I can learn to create works that convey an idea, a feeling, or a meaning.

5. Observe: I can learn to look more closely and see things that may otherwise not be seen.

6. Reflect: I can learn to talk about the process of working and honestly access my work.

7. Stretch and Explore: I can learn to reach beyond my capacity and embrace the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

8. Understand Art Worlds: I can learn about art history and learn to interact as an artist with other artists.

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