Online Art Resources

All of these links take you off this site.

National Gallery of Art Kids Art Zone: Still life, collage, wallovers, and more.  **One of my favorites!

Tate Kids: The famous Secret Dancer hunt, videos, games, and more.  Activities by skill level. **One of my favorites!

The Art Institute of Chicago- Curious Corner: Mask Maker, matching games, and storytelling. **One of my favorites!

Museum of Modern Art’s Destination Modern Art: Help an alien explore the museum.

MetKids: Hop in an art time machine, watch how-to-make-art videos.

Color with Leo: Shapes, lines, and colors.  Best for PreK-1. 

PicassoHead: Make a Cubist portrait.

Getty Games: Matching, Detail Detective, Jigsaw games.

Haring Kids: Games based off Keith Haring’s artwork.

Albright-Knox Art Games: Games in English and Spanish.

Crayola Kids’ Playzone: Games galore!

Google Drawing: Draw online

Google Canvas: Paint online