2022 Summer Art Activities

We’ve had a fantastic time in Art this year. I hope that you continue to enjoy art this summer. View our painted foal at Ashland: the Henry Clay Estate from June 17-18, 10am-7pm.

Here are links for summer art camps and classes:

ArtPlay Studio

Create Art +Play Studio

The Living Arts and Science Center

Here’s a summer art choice board for some art inspiration!

Color Families

A color wheel shows how to mix colors to make new colors. Can you find the primary and secondary colors on the color wheel?

Colors can be grouped together in color families, like primary and secondary. Color families help create a mood, or feeling, in artwork.

What are the color families shown in these artworks? How will they inspire you?

3 Types of Subject Matter

Art can show us many different things, what art is about is called subject matter. There are three types of subject matter: landscape, portrait, still life.

Landscape- shows land, nature, or an outside space

Portrait- shows a person or group of people.

Still life- shows objects that do not move. They are still.

What will your artwork be about: landscape, portrait, or still life?

2022 Doodle for Google Contest

2021 Doodle for Google Winner- 11th grader from Lexington, KY

It’s time for the 2022 Doodle for Google Contest, the theme is “I care for myself by…”. Create a Doodle based on this theme that includes the word “Google”.

What is the “Doodle for Google” contest? Doodle for Google is an annual art contest for students grades K-12. Students create their own Google Doodle for the chance to have it featured on Google.com, as well as win some great scholarships and tech packages for their schools.

What are Doodles? Doodle Examples 

Need more information? Click the image below to learn more about the contest.

Link: Entry form

Link: Enter your Doodle online

Link: Rules

  • One student= one entry
  • Original artwork, no copyrighted or trademarked characters, images, or logos (like Mickey Mouse)
  • Must include the word “Google” and follow the theme “I care for myself by…”.
  • Submit your entry two ways: online by Friday, March 4 OR give to Ms. Baird by Wednesday, March 2.
    1. Submit your own artwork online by Friday, March 4. Take a high quality photo with good lighting or scan your artwork. Complete the online entry form and upload your photo here: Enter your Doodle online
    2. Ms. Baird can submit your entry for you. You need to give her your completed artwork and entry form by Wednesday, March 2.

Art to Remember 2022

This January and February, all grades (preK-5) will create artworks for the Art to Remember fundraiser to support the art program.  Art to Remember provides families with an easy way to have their students’ artworks printed on items such as: ornaments, water bottles, and jewelry.


Our grade level themes are shown below. Ordering information with a preview of your student’s artwork will be sent home. For more information, please visit the Art to Remember website Click here for a full listing of products.

Artist inspirations:

Kindergarten: Jim Dine

1st grade: Vassily Kandinsky

2nd grade: Natalia Goncharova

3rd grade: Vincent Van Gogh

4th grade: David Hockney

5th grade: Claude Monet

Space Paintings, artist Natalia Goncharova

Russian artist, Natalia Goncharova, painted what she thought space looked like. She used a lot of brown, gray, white, and black in her artworks.  Those are the neutral colors.

Your turn…Steps:

  1. Compare Goncharova’s paintings to the images from space. What are the differences? Similarities?
  2. Brainstorm what your outer space artwork will look like: asteroids, planets, astronauts- so much more!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, Sharks! I am so happy to see you in the art room this year. We are able to use our art centers, which will include: drawing, collage, painting, fiber arts, sculpture, clay, and architecture. We will also have visiting art centers, such as collaborative projects, mask-making, and wearable art. We’ve had a great first week with the drawing center and can’t wait to open more centers!

Click the image to take a virtual tour of our centers!

Click the image to visit our virtual classroom and centers.