2023- A Year in Review

This year, Sharks have participated in the following special projects in addition to our regular art projects:

  • Doodle 4 Google 2023- K-5th
  • Shark Shirt Design Contest- 5th grade
  • Yearbook Contest- K-5th
  • Mural Painting- 5th grade
  • “Hanging Glass Sculpture” for the Library- 4th and 5th grades
  • Art to Remember- PreK-5th
  • Project Reimagine- 3rd-5th
  • FCPS Elementary Art Show- K-5th
  • State of the Schools Dot Mural- K-5th

Thank you for a wonderful year! I can’t wait to see what we create next year, enjoy your summer.

Artist: Takashi Murakami, painter

Have you ever seen art that makes you happy? Takashi Murakami’s art uses popular images, like smiley faces and flowers, to make us think about what we enjoy and what we buy.


You’ll need a paper, pencil, crayons. You can trace with a Sharpie when you’re done drawing with pencil.

  1. Draw 3 medium sized circles. Add smiley faces to them.
  2. Draw several straight lines coming from the circles, like a sun.
  3. Connect the straight lines with curved lines, like a flower petal.
  4. Add straight lines and curved ends to all your smiley faces.
  5. Add 3 small sized circles. Add smiley faces to them.
  6. Add straight lines and curved lines for petals.
  7. Keep adding small smiley face flowers until there isn’t much room left on your paper. It’s okay if they overlap.
  8. ***If you drew with pencil, trace over with a Sharpie now. Color in your flowers with your favorite bright crayons.

2023 Doodle for Google

2021 Doodle for Google Winner- 11th grader from Lexington, KY

It’s time for the 2023 Doodle for Google Contest, the theme is “I am grateful for…”. To participate, you will create a Doodle based on this theme that includes the word “Google”.

What is the “Doodle for Google” contest? Doodle for Google is an annual art contest for students grades K-12. Students create their own Google Doodle for the chance to have it featured on Google.com, as well as win some great scholarships and tech packages for their schools.

What are Doodles? Doodle Examples 

Need more information?

Link: Entry form

Link: Enter your Doodle online

Link: Rules

  • One student= one entry
  • Original artwork, no copyrighted or trademarked characters, images, or logos (like Mickey Mouse)
  • Must include the word “Google” and follow the theme “I am grateful for…”.
  • Submit your entry two ways: submit it online yourself OR give it to Ms. Baird by Tuesday, March 7.
    1. How to submit your own artwork online by Tuesday, March 7– take a high quality photo with good lighting or scan your artwork. Complete the online entry form and upload your photo here: Enter your Doodle online
    2. Ms. Baird can submit your entry for you. You need to give her your completed artwork and entry form by Tuesday, March 7.

2023 Art to Remember

All grades (preK-5) are creating artworks for the Art to Remember fundraiser to support the art program.  Art to Remember provides families with an easy way to have their students’ artworks printed on items such as: ornaments, water bottles, and jewelry.

Click to enlarge
Click para agrandar

Ordering information with a preview of your student’s artwork will be sent home. For more information, please visit the Art to Remember website Click here for a full listing of products.

LexArts- Horse Play Foals

Sandersville will soon welcome our Horse Play foal, Clover, back home. LexArts and many donors have made it possible for Clover to return to Sandersville at no cost to us. Please continue to support LexArts and their “Fund for the Foals” to continue to support great LexArts programs for students.

A note from LexArts:


Horse Play 2022, underwritten by a generous grant from The Kloiber Foundation, made it possible for every Fayette County school, public and private, to create its own horse or foal. High schools were furnished with full-size horses, while middle and elementary schools were provided with foals. The white fiberglass equine “blank canvases,” were provided for by Kloiber Foundation funds. In addition, the Horse Play project included a unique internship program allowing high school students to work in the program, in both artistic and administrative capacities. Important in-kind support for Horse Play came from corporate sources: Breyer, DecoArt, PPG and Toyota Kentucky.


An auction at Keeneland at the end of the display period was originally planned to generate proceeds benefiting arts education initiatives. However, as the foals went on display, it became clear by the deluge of phone calls to LexArts that every student and teacher involved in creating the Horse Play horses and foals would be crushed if they weren’t returned to the schools where they were created. An aptly named Fund for the Foals campaign was created in the summer of 2022 to ensure that each of the beloved equines would find their way home and that arts education initiatives could still be funded.

2022 Summer Art Activities

We’ve had a fantastic time in Art this year. I hope that you continue to enjoy art this summer. View our painted foal at Ashland: the Henry Clay Estate from June 17-18, 10am-7pm.

Here are links for summer art camps and classes:

ArtPlay Studio

Create Art +Play Studio

The Living Arts and Science Center

Here’s a summer art choice board for some art inspiration!

Color Families

A color wheel shows how to mix colors to make new colors. Can you find the primary and secondary colors on the color wheel?

Colors can be grouped together in color families, like primary and secondary. Color families help create a mood, or feeling, in artwork. There are 4 color families in this video: primary, secondary, warm, and cool. There is another color family- neutral, which is brown, gray, black, and white. Neutral colors remind you of the earth: brown soil, gray clouds, black sky, white stars.

Here are the warm, cool, and neutral color families. They help show different feelings, like excitement, anger, and calm.


  1. Look at the artworks below. What is the main color family shown in each artwork? These artworks might give you ideas for your own art.
  2. Choose a color family: warm, cool, neutral.
  3. Make a plan in your mind of what your art will be about. How will your color family show the mood or feeling of your artwork?
  4. Choose drawing center materials that go with your art idea. All red labeled materials are open. The ipads and chalk pastels are closed.
  5. Fill in your paper, don’t leave white space. Take your time to make art you are proud of.