5th grade: Bibelots at Headley-Whitney Museum

All 5th grade students who created bibelots, will have their artist statements and bibelot photographs on display.
From the Headley-Whitney Museum:


Join us Saturday, November 19th from 12pm to 4pm for an afternoon of fun for all ages.

Two Exhibits are opening! Lots of Entertainment! Family Fun Raffle!

rackcardfrontImprobable Baubles: Fairy Tales
Our eighth annual Improbable Baubles exhibition, showcases the work of more than 1000 Central Kentucky students from ten area schools, and artwork by local artists, inspired by fairy tales from far and wide. Improbable Baubles is an innovative program that provides students with a professional art-making experience; they learn about bibelots—exquisite objects whose purpose is to delight the eye—then are challenged to create their own. The students vote which of their pieces will be put on display at the Museum. 150 pieces are on display and all of the participating students artist statements are available for viewing.