2nd gr.- Andy Goldsworthy Leaf Paintings

The 2nd grade has learned about geometric shapes and organic shapes. Organic shapes can remind us of things in nature, like leaves.

Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who uses organic shapes.  He creates artworks from items he finds in nature, like leaves, rocks, and snow.  The texture of his objects is very important.

He creates his sculptures and then leaves them outside.  What do you think happens to them when he leaves them outside? Why do you think he does that?

Does Andy always succeed? What do you think he does when things don’t go the way he planned?

In this video Andy creates Rowan Circle.  We will use this as inspiration for our paintings.

Here’s a link to more of Goldsworthy’s artworks. 

We will create leaf paintings showing organic shapes and texture like Andy Goldworthy.

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