3rd grade- Van Gogh Self-Portraits

Part 2: Subject Matter- Portraits

The 3rd grade will continue their unit on the three types of subject matter.  We’ve learned that landscapes show nature, so now we’re learning that portraits show people. Which type of subject matter do you think is the most challenging, landscapes or portraits?  Why?

The 3rd grade is learning about Vincent Van Gogh and his artwork.  We learned that he painted using big brushstrokes that look like they are moving.  He put paint onto his canvas so thickly that it has texture.  This technique is called impasto.  We are learning that his artworks are full of emotion, especially his self-portraits.  Self-portraits are artworks artists make of themselves.  We are creating textured, self-portraits based on Van Gogh’s self-portraits.  We will use color to reflect our moods, just like Van Gogh.

Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait: Art Discussion


Art with Mati and Dada- Van Gogh episode

IF you REALLY like Van Gogh, there’s an interactive Starry Night App.  It’s mesmerizing!