2nd grade Faith Ringgold Quilts

The 2nd grade has learned about many forms of functional art, such as pottery and quilts.  We’ve also learned that art can be used to express their emotions, feelings, and ideas.  When art expresses ideas it’s called artistic expression.  But wait, there’s another reason why people make art…to tell stories!  Let’s add that to the list:

  • Functional art- can be used, it has a job
  • Artistic expression- shows emotions, feelings, ideas
  • Narrative art- tells stories

There’s an artist who uses quilts to tell stories, her name is Faith Ringgold.  She made a quilt called Tar Beach that tells a story about growing up.  People liked the quilt so much that she turned it into a book!


What story would you like your quilt to tell?

Student example:

Faith Ringgold- inspired narrative quilt
Faith Ringgold- inspired narrative quilt


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