3rd grade- Appalachian Basket Weaving

The third grade is learning about Appalachian art forms.  Appalachian folk art is a traditional art form, which means it’s usually passed down through families.  We will learn to weave yarn on a loom.

Watch the following two videos (one has a link). What similarities are there between West African and Appalachian basket weaving?

Video for Appalachian Egg Baskets

Day 1:

  • Write your name & class on the back (the side you put food).
  • Cut on the lines to make little slits. Do not cut into the middle. Keep your plate looking like a smile, do not flip it around to look like a rainbow.
  • Your teacher will pass out some yarn.
  • Tape a string to the LEFTHAND corner on the back.
  • Begin weaving, over, under, over, under. When you reach the end of your plate, weave in the other direction.
  • At the end of class, wrap your extra yarn like you see below in step 1.
Basket Weaving Steps

Day 2 & 3:

Two student examples: look at how much weaving they did!

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