2nd grade- Maria Martinez Pottery

The second grade will learn how to create coil pots like Maria Martinez.  She was a Pueblo Native American, who used traditional techniques to make Pueblo pottery.  Maria’s pottery is functional, which means it can be used. What do these pieces of pottery look like they were used for?

Download the Powerpoint that we will view in class: Maria Martinez coil pottery

Here’s more information on Maria and how important her artworks were to potters everywhere.

Here’s how to make a coil pot like Maria Martinez:

Day 1: Follow these steps to practice making coil pottery with modeling clay. Think of what shape your pottery needs to be to do a special job, like a vase or bowl. Save some extra clay if you need a handle, lid, or spout.

Day 2: Follow these steps to make coil pottery with the white, Model Magic clay. Don’t forget to think of what shape your pottery should be.

Day 3: Place pottery on scrap paper. Draw patterns, with pencils, on your pottery and paint it. Don’t forget the inside! Don’t paint over your name or class. Keep pottery on scrap paper so it can dry.