2nd grade- Trade Beads

The second grade is learning that people all around the world have used beads for trade.  A person would give a bead and receive something in return.  Beads that are used like this are called trade beads.  Sometimes, people traded beads to show friendship.  Have you ever given a friend a gift?

Artists still make tradebeads from many materials, like glass, paper, and clay.  What materials, or media, were used to make these beads?

We will make trade beads out of clay, paint them, trade them with friends, and make necklaces.

Learn more about how glass beads are made all around the world:

Your turn…Steps:

1) You will need half of a packet of Model Magic.

2) Follow these steps to make your beads. Your clay will be all white. Make sure the hole is big enough for yarn. (These holes would be too small!) The hole will shrink a little when it dries. Make AT LEAST 10 beads, try new shapes. Make one bead just for your teacher (shh…it’s a surprise!).


3) Gently place your beads in the egg carton. Make sure they are in the spots with your name. Let your beads dry, go help a friend!

4) Once beads are dry, gently take them out of the egg carton. Place them on your scrap paper.

5) Use markers to color your beads- your hands will get messy, it’s okay! Use the scrap paper to keep the table from getting messy.

6) Trade three beads with three different people. Give me your bead for your homeroom teacher, I will make the surprise necklace.

7) String your beads onto your yarn. Tie a knot. Wear your necklace. Be careful, the colors will come off if your bead gets wet!