1st grade- Cave Art

The first grade is learning about Cave Art, or Rock Art.  We are learning that Cave Art is a very old art form that’s found all around the world.  We are focusing on the Cave Art in Africa and Europe.  In Cave Art, people used symbols that told stories, called pictographs.  Art that tells stories is called narrative art.  Today, people still make art to tell stories.  We will look at Cave Art from different parts of Africa and Europe and look for clues that tell us what the story is about.

  • What do you notice about the lines, shapes, and colors in the paintings?
  • What materials do you think artists used to make Cave Art?
  • What stories do you think they’re telling?

The Caves of Lascaux, in France

We will also learn that people still use caves to make art.  Artist, Ra Paulette, creates beautiful sculptural spaces in caves.  These artworks don’t tell stories in the same way that ancient Cave Art does, but it is a new way to use caves.

Cave Art Pictographs http://www.123rf.com