2nd grade Space Collages

The 2nd grade is learning about the neutral colors: brown, gray, white, black.  We learned that Russian artist, Natalia Goncharova, painted what she thought space looked like.

Your turn…Steps:

  1. Compare Goncharova’s paintings to the images from space. What are the differences? Similarities?
  2. Brainstorm what is in outer space, like asteroids, planets- so much more!
  3. Students have a large black paper for their background.
  4. Students need three, small pieces of neutral paper: gray, white, brown.
  5. Draw your outer space objects on the small papers. Cut them out and glue them down.
  6. Add details to your planets, such as craters.
  7.  Use shiny foil to add stars, spaceships, and astronauts to your artwork. Be careful, foil is tricky to cut!