Artist: Pablo Picasso, collages

Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, is famous for his Cubist paintings, like The Three Musicians.

Pablo Picasso, 1921, Nous autres musiciens (Three Musicians), oil on canvas, 204.5 x 188.3 cm, Philadelphia Museum of Art

He helped change the painting world when he incorporated paper into his paintings.

Still Life Artists: Cezanne, Van Gogh, Janet Fish

Artists observe the world around them and develop their drawing and painting skills by drawing what they see. The following artworks show three different styles of still life paintings: impressionist, post-impressionist, and realist.

Paul Cezanne: Still Life, Drapery, Pitcher, and Fruit Bowl 1893–1894 Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City
Vincent Van Gogh, Fritillaries in a Copper Vase, 1887, Musée d’Orsay, Paris
File:Fish Black Bowl Red Scarf.jpg
Janet Fish: Fish Black Bowl Red Scarf, 2007

Artists: Eric Henn, Jeff Zimmerman, and murals

Murals are large artworks shown on walls. They can be painted inside or outside. Murals can tell a story about a place or the people who live there. This was painted by Ohio artist, Eric Henn. What does this mural tell about Versailles? Where is it located? 

Watch the video about Jeff Zimmerman who is a mural artist in Chicago.

Goal: I can draw a mural design and show where the mural will be.

2nd-5th grades: Here’s one way to draw an inside space: