Artist: Jen Stark, painter & sculptor

Jen Stark is a contemporary artist who creates paintings, sculptures, installations, and public artworks. Here’s her website to see more of her artworks. 

What do you notice about Jen Stark’s artwork? What do you like?

Here’s how to create a Jen Stark-inspired drip drawing:


  1. Write your name and class on the back of your paper.
  2. Draw one section of wavy lines. Add more sections of wavy lines.
  3. Add more lines that follow your first line sections, make sure to leave space in between your lines.
  4. Trace your lines with markers.
  5. Add color with crayons, markers, colored pencils, oil pastels. You can add them in patterns (like white, black, white, black) or rainbow order.
  6. Optional: When done coloring, cut the paper to have a wavy edge.
  7. Have fun!