Artist- Umberto Boccioni, futurist

Umberto Boccioni was an Italian artist who spent a lot of time thinking about the future. He thought about how the world, people, and machines would be in the future. Create an artwork that shows what you think the future will look like. Choose one of following ideas or combine them. This art could become a WOW artwork.

  • People- will we develop new abilities, be taller, stronger?
  • Toys- will people use toys? What will they look like?
  • Cities- will cities exist? What will they look like, where will they be?
  • Nature- what will the environment look like? How will it be cared for?
  • Technology- what tech will we use every day? How will it help people live better lives?
  • Clothing- what clothing will we wear?
  • Travel- how will we get from place to place?
  • Earth- what will Earth look like?