5th grade- 2018 Improbable Baubles with the Headley-Whitney Museum

The fifth grade will work on a collaborative project with the Headley-Whitney Museum to create sculptures, write artist statements, and participate in a museum exhibition!

The Headley-Whitney Museum is home to a collection of George Headley’s bibelots. A bibelot (pronounced bee-bah-low) is a small, decorative object. Here are some of George Headley’s bibelots:

Like George Headley, we will create bibelots. We will turn “trash” into “treasures.” You may bring in items from home. Keep in mind: all bibelots must fit in our “SIZE BOX.”

So what are we doing? 



  • No violent or inappropriate themes
  • Your piece must fit in the size box.
  • At least 50% of your piece must be recycled materials
  • Your piece should be appealing from all sides
  • East artist will complete a bibelot, a photograph of their bibelot, and an artist’s statement


Opening reception to celebrate: Saturday, November 17

November 17-December 22: Our bibelots will be on display at the Headley-Whitney Museum! All participating students will have their artist statement and photograph exhibited.