5th grade- Picasso Papier Mache Mask

Masks have been made all around the world. Many cultures have used masks for celebrations, ceremonies, special occasions, or for fun. When have you worn a mask?

The artist, Pablo Picasso looked at masks, too. He looked at masks from many African cultures and was inspired by their use of geometric shapes.


We’re going to create a mask based on Picasso. Here are our goals:

  1. Mask must show a human face with eyes, nose, and mouth. It doesn’t have to be realistic.
  2. Mask shows inspiration from Picasso’s Blue Period, Rose Period, Cubism, OR Picasso’s original inspiration: African masks.
  3. Mask must be fully painted.
  4. Mask should be carefully papier mached, with no visible holes or cracks.


papier mache steps