1st gr.- Mondrian Collages

The first grade been learning about the primary colors.  What are they?

We will look at artworks by Piet Mondrian (Peet Mawn-dree-on) who used primary colors to create abstract artworks.  An abstract artwork doesn’t show people, places, or things that look like real life.

Piet’s paintings look like cities. Below, look at Composition C. What colors are the streets? The buildings? Are there any cars? What about the streets, buildings, and cars in Broadway Boogie Woogie?

Can you see the streets and buildings in the students’ artworks? All the roads go up and down OR side to side. All the buildings are rectangles or squares.

This is a cartoon showing paintings by Piet Mondrian. Can you find Broadway Boogie Woogie? What year did he paint it?

Here’s how one artist, Tung Pham, brought Broadway Boogie Woogie to life, like a real city.





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