3rd gr.- Elmer Elephants

The third grade will learn about my favorite elephant, Elmer, who is patchwork.  Elmer thinks the other jungle animals are teasing him, so he changes himself to fit in.  At the end of the story Elmer learns that being patchwork is a part of who he is and is one of the reasons his friends love him.

We will create Elmer elephants using different lines, shapes, and patterns.  Here are student examples:


  1. Fold paper in half 4 times. Fold neatly.
  2. Gently unfold paper. Count your boxes, you should have 16.
  3. Lay your paper sideways, not tall-ways.
  4. Choose a crayon. Trace over all the folded lines.
  5. Starting in the top LEFT corner, number your boxes from 1-16.
  6. Write your name in box 6 AND again in box 14.
  7. Choose a new color of crayons.
  8. Draw a curved line in box 1 and box 4.
  9. Trace over the lines for box 14.
  10. Go to the line in between box 11 and box 12. Trace the line down to the bottom of your paper.
  11. Use that line to be the back of your letter “D.”
  12. Draw the belly of the letter “D” from the top of the line you just made down the the bottom. This will be his trunk.
  13. In box 16 draw a curved line. This will be the edge of his trunk.
  14. Cut all lines.
  15. SAVE your box 14. We will need that for his ear.
  16. Fold your Elmer in half, put box 14 inside. Place in folder.

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