5th grade- Improbable Baubles! Bibelots with the Headley-Whitney Museum

IB Mythology FB Cover

The fifth grade will work on a collaborative project with the Headley-Whitney Museum to create sculptures, write artist statements, and participate in a museum exhibition!

The Headley-Whitney Museum is home to a collection of bibelots. A bibelot (pronounced bee-bah-low) is a small, decorative object. The artist, George Headley, made his bibelots using precious materials, like gold and gemstones. Sometimes he took items he found, like coral, and surrounded it with precious materials to make it look like a treasure.

Like George Headley, we will create bibelots. However, our bibelots will use recycled materials instead of gold and gemstones. You are welcome to bring items from home, but please don’t buy new items. We want to turn your “trash” into “treasures.” Some ideas: cereal boxes, yogurt lids, plastic baby food containers, ribbon, sequins, shells, plastic toy pieces. Keep in mind: all bibelots must be less than 12″x 12″.

So what are we doing?  Here’s a link to our rubric. Below are our level 4 requirements, examples, and steps to create your bibelot.


This is a BIG project.  Here are all of our steps:

  1. Students will create bibelot sculptures in art.
  2. We will photograph our bibelots.
  3. Students will write their artist statements.  We will attach the photographs to the artist statements.
  4. Students will vote to select artworks to be sent to the Museum.
  5. Nov. 14- Dec. 20: Our bibelots will be on display at the Headley-Whitney! All participating students will have their artist statement and photograph exhibited.  Opening reception is Nov. 14 1:00-3:00pm for students and families, please join us!

The theme this year is mythology. Want to know more? Here are some resources:

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