K-5: Big, back to school, collaborative project

I’m so excited about our first project of the school year.  The whole school will participate in one big, back to school, collaborative project.

What’s a collaborative project?  It’s when you work with other people to create an artwork.  For this project, each student will create one artwork that we’ll put together to create one large artwork.

Here is an example of a collaborative artwork.  Each student made one heart, then all the hearts were combined to make one large artwork.  What types of lines and colors do you see?  Do you have a favorite square?


We’re going to take inspiration from our school’s theme of superheroes.  What better way to remind us that we’re all superheroes than by creating an artwork together?

Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade: If you were a superhero what would your shield look like?  What types of lines, shapes, and colors would you use?  How would it show who you are?


3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade: What is your real-life superpower?  Are you a kind friend?  Great at math?  Wonderful at helping others?  A fantastic teammate?  How would you depict your best qualities on a cape?



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