K-5th Transformation Paper Sculptures

Did you know that art always changes something?  Another word for change is transformation.  Think about when you make a painting.  Do you start with supplies and end up with something like this? Well, maybe not just like this.

Art is all about transformation.  Cornelia Parker is an artist who takes items, like forks and trombones, and transforms them into sculptures. Click the photo for video.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.46.18 AMToday, you’re going to take two, 2-D (flat) pieces of paper and transform them into a 3-D sculpture.

  • What can you do to change a paper? Fold, cut, tear, glue, color, bend, wrap, curl… be creative!
  • Are you going to turn it into something recognizable? A flower, airplane, box, pyramid, bracelet, necklace, swan… OR are you going to make it something new?
  • Use as much of your papers as you want.  You have two pieces and may trade pieces with your table.
  • Best Art Tip: color your paper before you start gluing pieces together.


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