“Celebrating Art” Art Contests

Southside students, would you like to participate in an art contest?  Entries are due near the start of school, so don’t forget!

Click the image to go to www.celebratingart.com

Why Enter???
Win Prizes
Receive Recognition

Each student may enter one art piece for each contest.
Must enter online. Do not mail art as it will not be entered in the contest or returned.

Contest deadlines:
December 10, 2014, extended February 5, 2015, April 9, 2015, August 22, 2015 ***This is the upcoming school year, but art can be turned in any time before August 22nd. If you’d like me to upload your work, please turn it in before Monday, August 17th.

Prizes: Ten winners in each grade division K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 for each contest and their art teachers will share over $5000 in prizes. Winners will also receive a free copy of the art book which includes their work. Other entries of merit will be invited to be published in our full color art book. Teachers who have 5 or more students published will receive a free copy of the book that features their students. Types of art: Any art that can have a still digital image. Paintings, computer graphics, sculptures, drawings, etc. Take a picture of your art. This is not a photography contest.

Best Art Tips:  Make sure the art is yours and original- not traced or copied.  If your artwork is on paper, it should be unlined paper.  Lined notebook paper doesn’t photograph as well as solid-colored papers.