Kindergarten- Animal Masks

Kindergarten will learn that cultures all over the world wear masks for celebrations.  Masks made for celebrations are a type of ceremonial art.  Students will choose their favorite animals and create animal masks.

Which animal would you like to be?  Why?

Here are some students’ examples:

  1. Write your name and class on the food side of your plate.
  2. Put two dots of glue on the top of your popsicle stick. Press and hold your stick onto your plate. Count to 20 in your head while you hold your stick so it can start to dry.
  3. Using crayons, draw your favorite animal’s face on your plate. Carefully, color it in.
  4. Using tissue paper, gently add texture to your mask. For example: if you created a bird, add feathers around the edge. If you created a dog, scrunch up some tissue paper and add 3-D eyes.

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