Art + Career Week + International Book Project

Career week is coming up and the art room is getting ready for our next project, which combines art, career studies, and the International Book Project!


All K-5 students will create one career/college-themed bookmark to keep and another to donate to the International Book Project.  All year, Simmons has been collecting books for the IBP and we’re going to donate bookmarks to go along with our book donations.

Check out what the International Book Project does!  We’re going to each donate one bookmark to IBP.  Think about what design you’d like to make on your donation bookmark. 

For your second bookmark, you’ll create a bookmark to keep and take home.  This bookmark will have a college/career theme.  Which careers are you interested in?  Which colleges would you like to attend?  Why?



American Colleges

Of course, you could always check out the colleges that are near and dear to my heart!

The College of Wooster– Wooster, OH

One of my favorite things about Wooster is the bagpipers, always the bagpipers.

Wait, why does my college have bagpipers?  Why do they wear kilts?  What’s up with all the plaid?  Why did I go to school in a place called Wooster (pronounced Wuster, not Wooooooster)?  You can ask me or check out to find out more!

While we’re on the topic of music…my other alma mater has a band, too.

The Ohio State University– Columbus, OH

OSU is a great university with excellent academic opportunities and fun traditions, like this.  I loved my time there.  What’s a buckeye?  Why is “dotting the i” such a big deal?  Who is John Glenn? You can ask me or check out to find out more!