Kindergarten- Contrasting Color Collages

The kindergarten is learning about contrasting colors. Contrast is the difference between two things.  With color, contrast is the difference between light and dark colors.  We will look at Morgan Russell’s artwork Synchromy Number 4, painted in 1914.

  • What colors do you see?
  • Which are light, which are dark?
  • Do the dark colors make the light colors stand out?
  • Do the light colors make the dark colors stand out?


We will compare the colors used in Synchromy Number 4 to Starry Night, which we just learned about.  How do contrasting colors show make something stand out?

  1. Write your name and class on the back of your paper.
  2. Choose light colored papers and glue them onto your paper. You can spread them out or put them close together. *Put glue on your paper and then stick the tissue paper onto the glue.
  3. Choose dark colored papers and glue them onto the empty spaces on your paper. Fill up your page.
  4. If you have small empty spots, fill them in with crayons.
  5. Trim your edges with scissors.