2nd grade- Season Masks

The 2nd grade will learn about mask-making.  They will learn that, all over the world, people wear masks.  Masks are worn for many reasons, like celebrations and holidays.  Have you ever worn a mask?  Did it change the way you felt or acted?  Do you have a favorite mask to wear?

Most masks are the same on both sides, which means they have symmetry. Many masks have textures added, like feathers or beads. Do you see symmetry and texture in these masks?

This link is from the Art Institute of Chicago.  Click on the image to learn about masks and create your own.

Art Institute of Chicago- Mask Maker

 How are music, dance, and art all connected?  This is the Raven Dance (dance), which shows the Raven Mask (art), instruments, and singing (music). What a way to celebrate a raven!

Your mask will celebrate your favorite season. Think of what symbols or pictures you could use to show your season. What season do these masks show?

Your turn…

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3: