Improbable Baubles



Starting in September, Simmons 5th graders will be participating in the Improbable Baubles program with the Headley-Whitney Museum.  Improbable Baubles is an art program designed to give Kentucky school children the opportunity to create, perform, and respond to art.  Working in tandem with the Headley-Whitney Museum’s Curator of Education, students will learn the history of George Headley, his artwork and bibelots, and his significance to Kentucky. The educator will leave teachers with materials and lesson plans for students to create their own works of art (faux bibelots), perform their own artistic critiques, and democratically choose pieces by their own peers to be displayed at the Headley-Whitney Museum.  All participants will display a photograph of their work. They will receive free admission to the Museum and a formal invitation to the Opening Reception of Improbable Baubles. Students showing at the Museum will be jurored by local professional artists and receive recognition for their achievements.  First, second, and third place awards will be given in each age division, as well as an overall best in show.


Here is a link for more information about the Headley-Whitney Museum and the Improbable Baubles program.